AXA Art Versicherung AG and its subsidiaries and branch offices worldwide (collectively referred to as the “AXA ART Group” or “AXA ART”) are the only globally operating specialty art and collectibles insurance company offering tailor-made coverage solutions for private and corporate collections, museums, galleries, conservators, artists and historic properties.

The AXA ART Group’s mission is to protect the collecting and art community against financial loss resulting from physical loss or damage to the insured objects and to help preserve cultural objects for future generations. Due to its global presence and network of art experts deeply woven into the global arts community, AXA ART maintains in-depth knowledge of the values and trends of the international art market. AXA ART not only helps its clients to protect their assets but also provides expert advice regarding all aspects of managing a collection including loss prevention, mitigation and conservation.

The AXA ART Group is governed by an Executive Committee.

In 2013, AXA ART announced the formation of a new legal entity: AXA Art Americas Corporation. Headquartered in New York, NY, this umbrella company facilitates AXA ART’s growth strategy and business interests across North and South America. Executive Committee Member, Christiane Fischer, serves as President and CEO of AXA Art Americas Corporation while continuing her role as President and CEO of US-based AXA Art Insurance Corporation.

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